Valeria Ranalli is a self-taught photographer, she believes in the power of photography as a cure, as an introspecting device, as a poetry and soul revealer, as a meditation, awareness and healing tool, as a push to experiment and as a door to unreality. Passionate about all kinds of photography, she mainly focuses on fine art and street photography.

Inner City Blues

“This series is made of photographs taken in different locations (Italy, England, Turkey, France) that I like to consider as still versions of movies or music video-clips. 
I grew up watching MTV and I was used to record my favourite clips on videocassettes to be able to watch them all over again, on loop, till new clips captured my attention and interest and I did the same with all my preferred movies.  This definitively shaped and influenced my visual imagery so that when I go around in the streets with my camera, I seek in the flow of daily life moments, sites, people and atmospheres that are able to reconnect me to this imagery and to trigger the same sort of emotions, but in a still version.
As if each photo could carry its own story: noir, punk, raw stories.” 

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