Karolina Wojtas // We Can’t Live - Without Each Other

Jury Prize Winner - ING Unseen Talent Award 2019

I was an only child until 13 years old. Whenever my parents asked about siblings, my response was less than positive… One day he appeared, and we started our struggle… Now I am 23 and nothing has changed. So we decided to document some of our battles and tricks, to teach siblings all over the world how to handle this kind of relationship! Dear siblings-proprietor. Stay strong and do not stop the struggle for your position. Show them, those who are also from the body and blood of your parents, that you’ll not give in to their taunting!

Karolina Wojtas (1996, Poland) takes a colourful, chaotic approach to the subjects of childhood, education and love in Poland. In her work, images of empty classrooms are interspersed with ones of student activities, learning tools and visualisations of discipline and uniformity that as children we were likely not aware of.

Kevin Osepa // RIKU

Public Prize Winner - ING Collection

I developed an installation where I explore the significance of the barbershop in the lives of black men and its relationship with  homophobia. These barbershops usually function as a safe space (especially in western societies where racism plays a role). But in this same space, you find hyper-masculinity that is paired with homophobia that makes it unwelcoming for black gay men. Based on their sexuality and the perception of it, black gay men risk losing valued memberships to institutions that have a legacy of uplifting and uniting black communities. I worked in my local barbershop for a few weeks trying to capture intimate moments between barber and client. Moments where all this hyper-masculinity disappears for a brief moment. Almost like a solar eclipse.

Kevin Osepa (1994, Curaçao) is a photographer born and raised on the island of Curaçao. His work revolves around his own identity as well as, in a broader sense, of Afro Caribbean youth in a post colonial world. The visuals he creates and the stories he tells are highly influenced by his youth. While the themes he explores are autobiographical, his work can also serve as a quasi anthropological study.

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