PHROOM magazine // international research platform and online exhibition space dedicated to contemporary fine art photography and video art // UNSEEN Amsterdam 2018

From the 21st until the 23rd of September, Unseen Amsterdam will bring together over 300 emerging and established artists to present the most significant developments in contemporary photography. In this seventh edition visitors can be inspired by more than 85 boundary-pushing and premiering works. Unseen Amsterdam will offer a stage to all 60 artists of Futures, the new photography platform for European emerging talent.
Furthermore, it presents the exhibition When Records Melt in collaboration with non-profit organization Project Pressure, to raise awareness through photography for the global issue of vanishing glaciers and show how artists can play a role in inspiring behavioral change by using the medium. Finally, Unseen Amsterdam is proud to present the programme partners for the three-day speakers programme, the Living Room: Aperture and Futures.


Each year Unseen Amsterdam selects a new artist to create a body of work for the official campaign of Unseen Amsterdam. In 2018, digital artist Kenta Cobayashi (1992, Kanagawa, JP) will be the face of Unseen’s leading event. The commissioned campaign series N-TOKYO illustrates Tokyo as a futuristic city in flux, conjuring imaginary visions of the city that may circulate in our perception.
For Cobayashi, Tokyo is characterized by a peculiar mix of fiction and reality. Growing up in this city, he daily encountered sci-fi references through comic books, anime and games. He says: “Tokyo is often used as the emblematic backdrop for futuristic stories. Through Japanese sci-fi classics, I grew up watching a variety of portrayals of the city in its imagined future forms. New technology and culture are key elements in consolidating a new shape of the city, but it also seems to me that it is undergoing a process of recreating a vision of the future, that has already been achieved in fiction. As if it’s chasing after the ideas that are depicted in the fantastical stories we, as citizens of Tokyo, were raised with.”
Inspired by the energy of the city, Cobayashi creates visually challenging, vibrant works. Through multiple digital interventions, Cobayashi distorts his visuals, exposing the authentic nature of the image as pixelated data, and thereby sculpting a new reality. In line with Unseen’s ethos in pushing forward the frontiers of the medium, Cobayashi’s way of working embodies a current discourse on the digital age within contemporary photography.


Unseen Amsterdam provides a platform for artists to present new work which has never been physically launched before at an institution, gallery or fair.
This year within the Unseen Fair over 85 artists will present premiering work. Upcoming talents such as Keyezua (AO) represented by Ed Cross Fine Art, András Ladosci (HU) by Supermarket Gallery, Marie Clerel (FR) by Galerie Binome and Arko Datto (IN) by East Wing will present a spectrum of pressing themes in their work. Established artists will also be showing premiering works during Unseen Amsterdam. Among them: Awoiska van der Molen (NL) represented by Purdy Hicks Gallery, Henk Wildschut (NL) by Galerie Bart, Eva Stenram (SE) by The Ravestijn Gallery, Gregory Halpern (US) by Galerie Wouter van Leeuwen, Peggy Franck (NL) by Stigter van Doesburg, Paul Bogaers (NL) by Galerie Dudokdegroot and Paolo Ventura (IT) by Flatland Gallery.


Unseen Amsterdam is the first to unite the 60 emerging artists of the new European photography platform Futures within two exhibitions. In a public outdoor space around the ponds of the monumental Westerpark, work of all the 60 selected artists are shown in a panoramic setup. Unseen Amsterdam will furthermore present work from ten selected Futures talents in the dedicated exhibition Futures, showcasing the wealth and diversity of European photography.
Futures aims to increase capacity and visibility for European photography talent and gives them access to the global art market, a broad network of professionals and new audiences. The platform is an amalgamation of the resources and talent programmes of leading photography institutions across Europe, these are: British Journal of Photography (UK), CAMERA (IT), Hyères Festival (FR), FOMU (BE), Fotofestiwal Lodz (PL), PHotoESPAÑA (ES), PhotoIreland (IE), Photo Romania Festival (RO), Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center (HU) and Triennial of Photography Hamburg (GE).
Futures is also part of the ING Unseen Talent Programme as well as one of the two programme partners co-curating the Living Room, Unseen Amsterdam’s speakers programme.


When Records Melt is an exhibition set up in collaboration with Project Pressure, a non-profit organisation collaborating with leading international scientists and artists to document vanishing glaciers as a result of global climate change. Unseen Amsterdam exhibits a selection of work to raise environmental awareness through photography. The exhibition presents work from: Michael Benson (GE), Adam Broomberg (ZA) and Oliver Chanarin (UK), Edward Burtynsky (CA), Peter Funch (DK), Noémie Goudal (FR), Simon Norfolk (NG), Christopher Parsons (UK) and Klaus Thymann (DK). By using photography as their medium, the artists demonstrate the power of photography as a catalyst for change in thought-provoking and exciting ways.


Unseen Amsterdam is proud to announce its two international partners for the three day speakers programme the Living Room: Aperture, the leading non-profit photography foundation from New York, and Futures , the new platform for European photography talent. The Living Room will join influential creatives and professionals from across the globe to form the dynamic programme of lectures and debates about the future of photography and will act as a forum for the exchange of dialogue and ideas to delve into current developments within the medium. The programme will include speakers such as Lou Stoppard (Show Studio), Rafał Milach (artist), Awol Erizku (artist) and Michael Famighetti (Aperture Magazine), among others.


Unseen announces the list of galleries participating in 2018’s fair element of Unseen Amsterdam. Galleries are drawn from around the world, including countries such as Iran, Czech Republic, Mexico, Japan and The United States. The fair welcomes 18 new galleries this year to present their artists, offering visitors the most diverse experience yet.
New galleries include Casemore Kirkeby (US) showing Sean McFarland (US) and Whitney Hubbs (US); JEDNOSTKA Gallery (PL) showing Weronika Gęsicka (PL) and Rafal Milach (PL) and Fotogalleri Vasli Souza (SE) showing Pixy Liao (CN).
Returning galleries include Ron Mandos (NL) showing Jan Hoek (NL) and Aïda Mulunch (ET); G/P gallery (JP) showing Daisuke Yokota (JP) and Yuki Tawada (JP); LhGWR showing Nadine Stijns (NL) and Mustafa Saeed (SO) and Flowers Gallery
(UK/USA) showing Edmund Clark (UK).


CO-OP is entirely devoted to artist-run collectives, enabling them to show their latest work, in dynamic presentations and new commercial formats. Recognising the significance of artists who unite to make and show work; this edition examines themes such as authorship, mass tourism, migrant stereotyping and education.
2018’s international collectives –from Cameroon to Austria, the Ivory Coast to the Netherlands – are selected by Unseen and CO-OP’s curator Lars Willumeit.

Full Galleries List

Ag Galerie (IR)
Aperture Foundation (US)
Argentea Gallery (UK)
C&H gallery (NL)
Camara Oscura Galeria de Arte (ES)
Casemore Kirkeby (US)
Christophe Guye Galerie (CH)
Drdova Gallery (CZ)
East Wing (QAT)
Ed Cross Fine Art (UK)
Espace JB (CH)
Flatland Gallery (NL)
Flowers Gallery (UK)
Fotogalleri Vasli Souza (SE)
G/P gallery (JP)
Galerie Alex Daniëls – Reflex Amsterdam (NL)
Galerie Bart (NL)
Galerie Binome (FR)
Galerie Caroline O’Breen (NL)
Galerie Clémentine de la Féronnière (FR)
galerie dudokdegroot (NL)
Galerie Fons Welters (NL)
Galerie Janine Rubeiz (LB)
Galerie Julian Sander (DE)
Galerie Les filles du calvaire (FR)
Galerie Ron Mandos (NL)
Galerie Stephan Witschi (CH)
Galerie Wouter van Leeuwen (NL)
Intervalle (FR)
Kahmann Gallery (NL)
Kopeikin Gallery (US)
mc2gallery (IT)
Meyohas (US)
Mirko Mayer Gallery (DE)
MLZ Art Dep (IT)
Podbielski Contemporary (IT)
Purdy Hicks Gallery (UK)
Red Hook Labs (US)
Seen Fifteen (UK)
Stieglitz19 (BE)
Stigter Van Doesburg (NL)
Supermarket Gallery (HU)
The Photographers’ Gallery (UK)
The Ravestijn Gallery (NL)
TJ Boulting (UK)

All Premiering Artists

AdeY (UK)
Albarrán Cabrera (ES)
Alejandro Cartagena (DO)
Alice Quaresma (BR)
Andras Ladocsi (HU)
Anne Geene (NL)
Arko Datto (IN)
Awoiska van der Molen (NL)
Babak Kazemi (IR)
Bart Lunenburg (NL)
Bénédicte Kurzen (FR)
Benyamin Reich (IL)
Bryan Schutmaat (US)
Celine Bodin (FR)
Diana Scherer (DE)
Douglas Mandry (CH)
Elspeth Diederix (NL)
Erin O’Keefe (US)
Ester Vonplon (CH)
Eva O’Leary (IE/US)
Eva Stenram (SE)
Femke Dekkers (NL)
Gabriel Lester (NL)
Gregory Halpern (US)
Haley Morris-Cafiero (US)
Henk Wildschut (NL)
Hideyuki Ishibashi (JP)
Hynek Alt (CZ)
Ilona Plaum (NL)
Jacob Aue Sobol (DK)
Javier Viver (ES)
Jeroen Toirkens (NL)
Ji Zhou (CN)
Jimmy Robert (FR)
Jonathan LLense (FR)
Jory Hull (US)
Julien Mignot (FR)
Juliette Blightman (UK)
Juno Calypso (UK)
Kata Geibl (HU)
Katharine Cooper (ZA)
Ken Kitano (JP)
Kevin Osepa (CW)
Keyezua (NL/AO)
Kyungwoo Chun (KR)
Lina Scheynius (SE)
Lucas Olivet (CH)
Maisie Cousins (UK)
Marco Barbon (IT)
Marie Clerel (FR)
Marine Lanier (FR)
Martina della Valle (IT)
Martina Sauter (DE)
Mehrali Razaghmanesh (IR)
Micha Cattaui (CH)
Mika Horie (JP)
Mustafa Saeed (SO)
Nadine Stijns (NL)
Paolo Ventura (IT)
Pasi Orrensalo (FI)
Paul Bogaers (NL)
Peggy Franck (NL)
Pixy Liao (CN)
Rafal Milach (PL)
Randa Mirza & Lara Tabet (LB)
Raymond Meeks (US)
Rens Horn (NL)
Risaku Suzuki (JP)
Roger Ballen (US)
Sami Parkinnen (FI)
Samin Ahmadzadeh (IR)
Sanne de Wilde (BE)
Sara Skorgan Teigen (NO)
Scarlett Hooft Graafland (NL)
Sean McFarland (US)
Susan Derges (UK)
Todd Hido (US)
Vaclav Kopecky (CZ)
Vasantha Yogananthan (IN)
Vittoria Gerardi (IT)
Weronika Gesicka (PL)
Yoshinori Mizutani (JP)
Yuki Tawada (JP)
Yuval Yairi (IL)

UNSEEN Amsterdam

21-23 September 2018