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Sculpture/ Printer_Office


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Matteo Cremonesi
(YIaWAB, 2017).

Format: 148x200mm,
softcover, sewn binding + pvc softcover
Text by Giovanna Manzotti
84 pages, 500 copies + 10 (special edition).

30€ (signed edition)

About the Artist


Sculpture/Printer_Office, the first book by Matteo Cremonesi, explores the formal and aesthetic potentialities intrinsic in an object belonging to our daily contemporary habitat. The subject of the last series is analyzed in a cycle of forty-three shots focusing on the repetition of formal close-ups and profiles. Following a rhythmical and compositional sequence, the images are the result of a long-time interaction with the element, whose surface is the place where the gaze opens to contemplation.