Fantastic Woman




Marsha Tegard is a seventy two-years-old transgender woman living in North Carolina, she made her  gender change in 2015. Since I met her, I realized that she had the need to show the world her story, her life and she could also be an example and an inspiration for other transgender women.

Marsha became my muse, a very special one, also a dear friend. I was able to hear and feel her fascinating story, from her newborn adoption to her rebellious and troubled adolescence. For many years she was a Marin, I spent hours listening to all her anecdotes.

She gave me her entire collection of photographs, absolutely everything I took to my studio. I started to make a collage and experimenting with all of her memories. For several months I was photographing her in many ways, it was a challenging experience for me, it was exciting and new at the same time. I feel that I achieved to portray her deepest emotions, full of passion, and nostalgia.

Talking about a transgender older woman is a relatively new topic, although the politics around the subject is still somewhat complicated, given the current rejection the conservative government of the United States, Marsha has accomplished to get away with it because she has a good job, a family that loves her and a lot of love for herself.

Day by day Marsha challenges a society that subjects her to a certain degree of rejection. However, she has been a strong woman, who has lived intensely and has also enjoyed the simple things in life. For these and many other things, Marsha has been one of the most fantastic women I have ever met.

Nelson Morales was born in Unión Hidalgo, Oaxaca. He studied in his town until high school, then moved to the city of Oaxaca to study communication sciences at the José Vasconcelos University. For nearly eleven years he has devoted himself to photography. Her work focuses mainly on sexual diversity and identity.

He has studied different workshops and programs specialized in contemporary photography, such as Book Incubator Program, La Hydra, Mexico, 2016. Seminar on Contemporary Photography, Center of Image, Mexico, 2015. Contemporary Photography Program, Gymnasium of Art and Culture, 2013, Fotoensayo 5, Pachuca Mexico 2012 and others.

He has held several individual and collective exhibitions in many countries such as Spain, Malaysia, Colombia, Germany, India, Canada, Singapore, Uruguay, Brazil, Portugal, the United States, Greece, Costa Rica, Argentina, France, The Netherlands, and México.

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