I was an only child until 13 years old. Any time when my parent asking about siblings, I was telling them “I will take an ax and kill that kid and then eat”.
One day he appeared, and we started our war… Now I am 23, and war still went, nothing has changed. So we decided to document some of battles and tricks, to learn Siblings form all the World how to fight!
Dear siblings-proprietor. Stay strong and do not stop struggle for your position. Show those mean creatures, who are also from the body and blood of your parents, that the worst nightmares which can be dreamt by them, are just a fairytale in comparison of what you are able to invent for them.

Karolina Wojtas (born in 1996) – is a photographer, she studies in Film School Lodz in Poland and Institute of Creative Photography in the Czech Republic. She lives in a colorful world of experiment and endless fun. She draws from children’s fantasies and memories. Inspiration may become for her a mess in the garden of her grandfather or a huge slide. Through her exhibition, it is impossible to slip, sometimes covered with brocade or balloons. But you can feel like a child – play, abandon and scrounge.

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