Tusca Vacua


Tuscia is a historical region of Italy that comprised the territories under the Etruscan influence and the name adopted for Etruria after the Roman conquest. It later came to coincide with today’s province of Viterbo, a lifeless province.

“As a kid, I’ve grown up in this environment which is still my home. It is neither somewhere in the countryside nor a thriving village. It is rather a conglomeration of old factories which are surrounding what is left of the old town ( a church, a small decadent castle,  two empty squares).
Over the years I’ve seen the silence, the involution and the inactivity of it. Maybe because the people still living there don’t care about it, or maybe because it has been forgotten by all the people who have passed by over the years.

When I’ve started working on Tusca Vacua,  deep feeling and perceptions have been rising and since then they have also been the fundament my photography is based on.
Feelings such dislike, rejection, isolation and exclusion on a personal level and not only, the arrogance and hardness, the closed-mindedness, the overzealous in the of way of speaking as well as showed by the body language and so on, are all elements that have contributed to build up my point of looking at it and shameless, they always come back anytime I throw back myself into the world.”

TUSCA VACUA represents the static countryside of the Latium region: the persistent boredom, the Carnival season, the drugs addiction, the social habits, the racist mindset, and the illusory or real death.

Pictures show cuts, film imperfections, and scratches, which have not been modified.

Kamisalak was born in Rome in 1991. She spent her childhood in the Italian countryside near Rome. She left the country to attend Art and Film studies in Paris.

Copyright © Kamisalak, all rights reserved

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