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Giorgia Baschirotto

“I grew up surrounded by fashion magazines from the 90s era in a small town of Northern Italy. My mom has been working in the fashion industry for over 40 years and she used to bring home those glossies that we leafed on the sofa in the evening. Vogue, Numéro, L’Officiel, i-D – their pages exuded effortless sensuality, and a feminine energy that combined sexiness and elegance. I fell in love with the rawness of Juergen Teller’s portraits and the self-aware, strong women portrayed by Lindberg. The alluring austerity of the models, wrapped in those monochromatic, minimalistic pieces, was totally inspiring for me at that time, and still is. After university, where I had submitted a thesis on mimesis and the perception of images in aesthetics, I was lucky enough to start an internship at i-D, where I ended up working for two years. There, I had the chance to start collaborating with talented photographers and some creative minds; that encouraged me to broaden my horizons, learn more about contemporary fashion photography and how it has been empowering women and forge the female identity. Writing a new article requires a lot of research, and that’s probably the part I like the most nowadays. What is that naked subject telling us? What’s the message behind those clothes and what is that detail supposed to reveal? What’s the story behind the artist’s lense? If the aim of journalism is posing questions, in the culture of images photos are what I look at to find an answer.”

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