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Mauro Folci + Demetrio Giacomelli

Organized by Matteo Cremonesi, curated in collaboration with PHROOM

Opening July 5 – 2018
July 6 – September 10, 2018 | Monday – Friday 2pm – 5.30pm | Saturday by appointment

Office Project Room is pleased to announce the exhibition of Mauro Folci and Demetrio Giacomelli. The show continues the exhibition cycle Dialoghi – a project that establishes a dialogue between two artists, where respective working methodologies, references, and subtle and explicit influences and resemblances are renewed in each exhibition moment.
The performative actions of Mauro Folci and Demetrio Giacomelli dissolve each other in a continuity of images and suggestions, where the liminal reflections on history and on cinema act as a guide between the rubble of personal memory and even before that of a suprapersonal one. A succession of images between reality and fiction, flow of consciousness where the monologue, the inner voice, holds the fragments of the discourse on historical time and on the cinematographic image beyond the screen and the representation.
The proposed actions offer through irony and jokes the necessary distance so that the public can experience on a dialectical plane the becoming of performative action.

Demetrio Giacomelli was born in Genova in 1986. Painting degree at Academy of fine arts in Genova. He moved to Milan in 2013 where He started working as assistant director to Paolo Caredda for the documentaries “Gli Italiani e il fumetto” and “Andrea Pazienza, fino all’estremo” produced by SkyArte. In 2014 he founded Progetto Aves, together with Matteo Gatti and Matteo Sigorelli. The artistic research group investigates about the interactions between citizen and animals. Together with Progetto Aves they took part in many artistic events as “La Biennale di Venezia”, “CCCB” in Barcelona, “Careof” in Milan. In 2015 the video “Km/18” won the Tent Academy Awards in Rotterdam.
In 2016 he presented “Mal d’Archivio” at Pesaro Film Festival and in 2017 he parteciped at the same festival with “Il Secondino Innamorato”. In 2017 he made the documentary “Diorama” that won the “Best Italian Documentary” award at the Torino Film Festival and the “Best Italian Documentary” award at MAXXI in Rome.
In 2017 he made the science-fiction movie “L’Estinzione Rende Liberi” that won the “Best Movie” award in the section “Prospettive” at Filmmaker Film Festival in Milan.
At the moment Demetrio Giacomelli is working on his own projects after winning the development prize“Premio Solinas per il Cinema” for the best screenplay, and the participation of “InProgress” launched by Filmmaker.

Mauro Folci (1959). Folci’s works are born from a deep reflection on the processes of cooptation of semiocapitalism and the many linguistic forms of the contemporary metropolis, in particular those forms that trace singular escape lines from the dominant productive language.
His interventions and his works have been hosted by Italian and international institutions including Kunstverein in Frankfurt, Fondazione Baruchello, Neue Kunstforum di Colonia, Museo de Arte Moderna e Contemporanea Sofia Imber di Caracas, PAN di Napoli, Maxxi e Macro di Roma, SUPEC di Shanghai, Centre Pompidou di Paris, Reina Sofia di Madrid, Haus der Kulturen Der Welt di Berlino, Biennale di Venezia di Arte e di Architettura, CCCB Arts Santa Mònica di Barcellona.

PHROOM magazine // international research platform and online exhibition space dedicated to contemporary fine art photography and video art // exhibition // Mauro Folci + Demetrio Giacomelli

July 5, 2018 // h. 18.00
Office Project Room
Via Altaguardia, 11
Milano // Italy

On show till September 10