Joshua Bareham

Joshua Bareham is an Artist living in London. He currently works at Kingston University as a darkroom technician.  “I have done a lot of research into the psychology of curiosity in relation to photography. I was intrigued as to why I was captivated by some of my photographs more than others. During my research I found certain […]

Mert Acar

PHROOM magazine Mert Acar

Born in 1989, Mert Acar received BA in Graphics in 2012. He’s an artist and a research assistant based in Ankara. He’s currently studying MFA and doing research about landscape photography. “In my photos, man-made surroundings are juxtaposed with natural landscapes. Exploration plays a big part in my photographic practice. I usually go out and drive to find somewhere […]

Danny Rowton

Danny Rowton is a photographer living in Rochford, a small old town around 40 miles east of London. He’s happily married to his wife Ali, and they have a beautiful 3 year old son called Jesse. “I currently only shoot film, and this suits my personality and my style. I am self taught and I don’t seek work commercially so […]

Giulia Vigna

Giulia Vigna was born in 1992 in a small city near Rome, Italy. She has multidisciplinary interests and after studying Fashion Design is currently undertaking a master in graphic arts meanwhile teaching herself photography. She is still trying to make sense of herself, strongly believing that the journey is the destination, taking pride in continual […]

Werner Mansholt

Werner Mansholt is a german photographer (b. 1949) based in Darmstadt. Streephotographer and photographic artist. Appointed member of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Photographie, DGPh (German Society of Photography). The streets are the stage for daily life; members of the public are actors in a love story, drama, comedy or tragedy, opera or ballet. But they could […]

Jake Romm

Jake Romm is a writer based in New York City. He currently writes for The Forward, Reading The Pictures, and other publications. He is primarily interested in street photography and, if asked, he would say that his favorite photographers are Josef Koudelka, Daido Moriyama, and Hiroshi Sugimoto. Street photography, to me, is the act of […]

Haley Golden & Nora Lowinsky

Feminine Architecture Feminine Architecture, a collaboration between self-taught California based artists Haley Golden and Nora Lowinsky is a testament to their friendship and its role in nurturing the growth of their individual and complementary vision since meeting two years ago. It is more broadly a celebration of women supporting one another in the arts with the hope […]

Natalia GW

Natalia Gw is a colombian photographer currently based in Bogotá, mainly shooting portraits, still lives and spaces. She explores her surroundings through photography by spotting the beauty in simplicity, combining color, patterns, contrasts and shapes with a minimal approach, arising with fragments a visual poetry of things which wasn’t visible at first glance of everyday […]

Pierre Putman

Pierre Putman (1974) is a photographer living and working in Ghent (Belgium) with a focus on fine art photography. He graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent with a master’s degree in printmaking. He initially started making pictures in a rather casual way, as preliminary studies for printmaking. Using it for exploring […]

Cristina Rizzi Guelfi

Cristina Rizzi Guelfi is a self-taught photographer. Born somewhere in the alps on the borders between Italy and Swiss Confederations. After University she lived there focusing on her passion for images that she saw in her mind and wanted to recreate slowly honing her skills either in digital and analog photography and visual art. Now based in Sardinia she keeps moving around promoting her […]