Carlotta Guerra is an italian photographer sharing her time between Amsterdam and Los Angeles.


The connection with nature has been always an important and meaningful part of my life and education since I was a child. Some of my favourite memories are the walks with my father in the Italian countryside. They were very special moments for me and for us together. He used to show and teach me how to recognise different types of plants, their individual features, the small details of their lives and seasonal changes. I enjoyed very much to be absorbed by the peaceful and intimate feeling those wanderings and observations brought me. The silence was a natural part of an understood dialog between us and with nature.

One year ago I started shooting a variety of videos of plants in the wild.


I am fascinated by how plants move and how each is different when the wind is blowing on them. They become almost magical. The variety of their movements, dependent on their shape and their structure and where they have taken root, gives each one a special and individual character with its own specific language and personality. Sometimes they barely move, other times they behave powerfully or they look like they are resisting an invisible foe. Other times, they look like they might decide to let themselves go and fly away. There is a mystery about them.

My life as a bush is composed by a simple, one position videos and video stills of plants.

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