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BUREAU Milan // #1

Christian Michael Filardo

“Untitled” (Theodore’s Knife)

Theodore’s hand grips the knife.
Laying back down on his bed.
Theodore loves to fall in love.
Theodore also loves to listen.
An impressionist postcard taped to his wall in blur.
Before he got the new mattress from Drew.
We are so vulnerable in bed.
We are at the mercy of the blade of life.

Christian Michael Filardo is a Filipino American photographer living and working in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Filardo uses their camera to record everyday nuances, later grouping imagesto create narratives from the mundane, intimate, and quiet.
Filardo writes critically for Photo-Eye and PHROOM and is a co-founder of the Santa Fe art space Etiquette. They have exhibited domestically and internationally.

BUREAU Milan #1
Office Project Room
Via Altaguardia, 11
Milano – 20135

PHROOM magazine // online exhibition space dedicated to fine art contemporary photography // exhibition