Ou en êtes vous?



With «Ou en êtes vous?» I try to explore the contradictions of our society where the ultra materialization as well physical as digital is at the center of all considerations, to the detriment of nature and of humankind.
Through a mix-media use I try to create oppositions between images, creating a wobbly situation where «groups» of images evolve between them without associating.
To convey this idea, I mixed photographs of ancient and natural sites, having undergone a process of degradation in post-production by different means: gluing, painting, scanning etc.. As if to show the fragility of these worlds; opposed to images of urban areas or people, masked faces, solarized, as if cut off from the real world.

Arthur Fechoz is a visual artist living in Paris, working around notions of identity and temporality. Using historical, socio-economic and environnemental context as a work material,  he employing different mediums. Among other technics, he using computer-assisted image creation, image reappropriation and sound creation.
This abstract photographic language is open to interpretation, giving free rein to the subjectivity of each one to express. Therefore, the artwork is emerging as a product of collective imaginary and co-creation.

Copyright © Arthur Fechoz, all rights reserved

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