“Day sleeper” // Dorothea Lange – Sam Contis

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PHROOM DOROTHEA LANGE – SAM CONTIS Day Sleeper   Sam Contis:websiteInstagram Publisher: MACK text by: Matteo Cremonesi   In this curious publication Sam Contis presents an unreleased perspective on the work of Dorotea Lange. Moving within the large archive of Lange, Sam Curtis collects fragments, visual and sensitive moments, unpublished and intimate images capable of […]

Deep Springs // Sam Contis

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I’ve always felt that there were two types of nostalgia: the feeling of longing for your own past, and the feeling of longing for an abstract, un-biological past. One you’d like to insert yourself into, if only for a moment. For me, that past is “boyhood”—the type captured on 35mm in black and white, no […]

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