“Lunario” // Guido Guidi

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PHROOM GUIDO GUIDI Lunario Publisher: MACKtext by: PHROOM   “La Luna nostra bella, garantita d’argento per l’eternita, personificata in poche parole, amica di ogni cuore un poco stanco”.Osvaldo Licini With Lunario, Guido Guidi gives us a sober, intelligent, measured work, capable of reporting and renewing the linguistic practices that characterize all his editorial activity. […]

“In Sardegna” // Guido Guidi

PHROOM magazine // international research platform and contemporary fine art photography and video art magazine // book review

Collected in three volumes that retrace the stylistic evolution of the famous Italian author, “In Sardegna” by Guido Guidi is a project that, through two journeys separated by forty years, report the attention of the author, famous for having focused its gaze for a long time on the vernacular landscape, for the socio-cultural changes of […]

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