How Things Dream // DISCIPULA

PHROOM DISCIPULA HOW THINGS DREAM AURA is a recently created company specialised in BIG DATA analysis and in the development of IOT applications. Through innovative technological solutions, AURA manages key areas such as: domotics, healthcare, security, education and governance. Thanks to its expertise, AURA represents without any doubts a step ahead in the seamless integration of […]


PHROOM magazine // international research platform and contemporary fine art photography and video art magazine // PHROOM X Art Stays Festival - Discipula

Just Like Arcadia Just Like Arcadia describes the disintegration of a digital image through the manipulation of its JPEG code. The image is a render of the Garden Bridge, a planned but never realized architectural project by Thomas Heatherwick Studio (and at the centre of a lively debate on London’s misuse of public funds).Its JPEG […]

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