Lithograph in colors on wove paper


Exterminator! Do you need service? Brindisi 2006, on our way to the port, 23 hours of waiting, one hour we devote to the thief. The same feelings have different timing: when the house is burning, you forget both the bread and the hog, on equal terms. This is not descriptive history, nor is it comparative theory. This is a series taken from Italian political practice during 1950s and 1960s. Men ´midway upon the journey of our life´ develop work in an era so frosty that your fingers get bitten at the slightest touch. Little brother Eddie in this series completes his last work: the mask. With pig teeth, the eyeglasses’ skeleton, spiny things instead of horns. It was a long time ago, an August day like this one, sun cold on a thin boy with freckles through that door, like you. I made him a cup of hot tea. When I brought it to him he was gone. She gestured to the empty blue sky, cold tea, sitting right where you are sitting now. From Palermo to Genoa, all united in the belief in the community as savior. United in the belief in mercy, united so that no one has any need of rights. A misunderstanding with the verb leads to the misunderstanding of the entire sentence. Take printed paper, draw hectically on it with a pen (preferably black), put on those portraits the mask of young brother Eddie – without exceptions. Don’t spare anyone! And I give you the tropical man…

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