PHROOM, founded and curated by Giangiacomo Cirla, is an online exhibition space dedicated to contemporary fine-art photography. Through our visual research we select and present the best projects from all over the world.

We work to create an artistic place and a photographic collection, representation of the contemporary world.

Art advisory

The Art Advisory Service at PHROOM is designed to provide our clients with access to expert insight and guidance into the world of Art and Photography and the collecting process.

Through our experience and our global research we find and select the best solutions for each request. Our work allow us to be constantly in touch with the Artists staying updated on their current and upcoming projects.

Contact us for more information: artadvisory@phroommagazine.com


Please send a link to your website, online portfolio or a few attached images in low resolution to: phroommagazine@gmail.com


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(PHROOM is not a journal as it is updated without any periodicity. It can not therefore be considered an editorial product under Law No. 62, 7.03.2001)